Stephanie Duarte

  • Nickname- Steph
  • Favorite healthy food – I love a good salad
  • Favorite unhealthy food – Homemade lasagna and pizza, of course!

  • Favorite workout music – Not too picky – Rock; Pop; basically anything but Country
  • Favorite way to spend a Saturday night – Game night with friends and family
  • What I do to recover – 5-10K Row on Thursday as active recovery and sleeping in on Sunday
  • Favorite CrossFit movement – Squat Jerk
  • Favorite Legacy moment – I’ve been at CrossFit Legacy for seven years now so it is hard to pick just one! The Legacy family is literally where I start every day. So many people, in the smallest, most simple ways make up so many memories – like working out with DA every morning, funny quotes with Tonya, Chelsea telling jokes to Carrie, Saturday Hero WOD tradition with Birm and Craw, morning runs with Britt and the running crew, and Partner Friday’s – every time. Not to mention the Cheryl’s Christmas parties and some throw backs with Sharon and Dana – two people that will always make you laugh! The CrossFit Legacy family is one also one of the groups that sent me off, welcomed me home and were so thoughtful in putting together a care package while I was deployed in 2012.
Kettlebell action
  • Favorite restaurant – The Rail
  • Favorite quote – So many good ones, how do you choose?! A few easy fitness related ones that come to mind though: “Be fit to be useful” and No pain, no gain”
  • One word to describe you – Loyal
  • Meet anyone – who and why – Jesus, because every day we live to be more like him.
  • Best gift ever received – Friendship
  • Best advice ever received – Everything my Uncle Rick says.
  • Biggest pet peeve – Having to repeat myself (I’m told I have the “Baxter mumble” that tends to run in the family.)
  • Weird fact – As I think and look back through the years I noticed a trend.  Several of my jobs, hobbies and fond memories are featured in a helmet.

  • Something random – My husband wanted to be mentioned, which is no surprise if you know him, so I’ve kindly featured him here in rare form – with a beard (circa 2013).