• Fear Is A Choice
    People are frozen. People are anxious. People living off of emotion and mainstream/social media rhetoric and spin of doom and gloom. I do not know the statistics of this virus, but the one that I have heard frequently is that it has(on the low end), at 98.5% survival rate.   I choose to pay attention to… Read more: Fear Is A Choice
  • What about tomorrow?
    Earlier today Ohio went on a soft lock down.  Whether you want it to happen or consider it medical martial law, there a lot of unknowns for the duration, which at its earliest is April 6th What happens tomorrow?  What happens next week? What happens next month? It’s all so daunting and somewhat unsettling.   What… Read more: What about tomorrow?
  • Looking Forward
    In 2006 when i stumbled across Crossfit.com and started doing workouts,  everything was online, and it was great. We were doing something atypical and it hurt, but it worked, and we loved it.   Who were we?  Names on the computer?   We didn’t personally know the people that we were interacting with, but we knew them,… Read more: Looking Forward
  • Get Legacy swag for Christmas!
    Check out all the new gear right here!
  • Legacy Barbell Club!
    CrossFit Legacy is excited to announce the Legacy Barbell Club Started Thursday November second at 6:30pm. (See the Gym Schedule for additional times.) Mike Walker is joining us as our weightlifting coach. Coach Mike has been involved with weightlifting since the age of ten. He has coached multiple state record holders as well as national… Read more: Legacy Barbell Club!