Earlier today Ohio went on a soft lock down.  Whether you want it to happen or consider it medical martial law, there a lot of unknowns for the duration, which at its earliest is April 6th

What happens tomorrow?  What happens next week? What happens next month?

It’s all so daunting and somewhat unsettling.  

What will our world look like, economically, demographically, politically, or structurally when this is all over?

Will our family members get infected?  Will it be mild, severe, or deadly?

So many questions, very few answers.

Can I offer some advice…both to those reading, and to myself writing this.

Don’t worry about tomorrow.  Don’t worry about next week. Don’t worry about next month.

Focus on the present.  Focus on today. Focus on the morning.

Those who can see the future, but can break the task or uncertainty into the smaller manageable chunks inevitably will be more successful than those who get overwhelmed by the deluge of media information everyday at 1230pm and 200pm. 

So focus on getting through the 24 hours in front of you.  Be the best you can for the people around you. If 24 hours feels like too much, get to breakfast, then lunch, and then dinner.  These small chunks of time allow us to focus in the moment, and give our best effort to the set time determined by our resoluteness.  Above all, don’t let the uncertainty of the vast unforeseen future, distract you from the moment. Turn those moments into an amount of time that you can manage….Just you…no one else.  For each of us is unlike the other with different skill sets.  

You determine the moments, but don’t look at so many they overwhelm you.

……..So, what about tomorrow?