Remembering Coach Cait Davis

Athlete of the Month – August 2018

  • Nickname-
    Bug, Stinky, Baby Wert
  • Favorite healthy food-
    Right now I’m on a major sweet potato kick!
  • Favorite unhealthy food-
    I love craft beer, especially sours. And…chocolate and banana ice cream.
  • Favorite workout music-
    I love a wide range of music with the exception of most country. I like classic rock to booty shakin’ music.
  • Favorite way to spend a Saturday night-
    This depends on the week. If it’s a busy one, I like to hang out at home with the hubs and my wild fur beasts. Sometimes we go out to the movies, breweries or dinner.
  • What I do to recover-
    I swear by Epsom salt baths with a Fit Aid and a good book.  I also stretch, foam roll and try to stay lightly active on my recovery days.
  • Favorite CrossFit movement-
    Deadlifts and handstand push ups
  • Favorite Legacy moment-
    It’s difficult to pick just one moment! Overall, my favorite thing about Legacy is the community/family feel. Everyone comes together to workout and laugh.
  • Favorite restaurant-
    I’ve been known to visit Funky Truckeria a little too often.
  • Favorite quote-
    “Tough times don’t last, but tough people do.”
  • One word to describe you-
  • Meet anyone – who and why-
    I think I’d like to meet my Uncle Jim. He was killed in the line of duty by a drunk driver before I was born. I’ve been told we are kindred spirits through music taste and personality.
  • Best gift ever received-
    Aaaah! I can’t think of just one…
  • Best advice ever received-
    Find joy in everyday things and don’t let other people’s unhappiness dull my happiness.
  • Biggest pet peeve-
    Unkind people
  • Weird fact-
    When I was little, I used to drink pickle juice out of the jar with a crazy straw.
  • Something random-
    My favorite color is turquoise. No, not blue…turquoise!!!