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At CrossFit Legacy we have been coaching athletes since 2007.   Eight and one half years of helping people in their journey of health, wellness, and fitness with CrossFit as the model.   

This weekend, 8 people from CrossFit Legacy competed in competitions around the area.   Their ages ranged from early 20’s to over 60 years old.  Years of CrossFit(CF) experience ranged from 5 years, to less than 1.   Now, this is not the first time we have had numerous people competing simultaneously on the same weekend, but rather this weekend I realized something.

We were one of the first 150 CrossFit affiliates worldwide. Legacy was the 3rd in Northeast Ohio(behind CrossFIt Cleveland, and CrossFit CLE), and the first in Summit County.  Close to 8 other affiliates have opened as a result of their owners being associated with us.   This is also widely known as we maintain a close relationship with a many of those affiliates.   Yet this weekend, I had one of those “lightbulb” moments.

In-de-pen-dence : self-sufficiency, self-reliance, autonomy, freedom, liberty

What does the above word have to do with anything?    It has everything to do with what I realized about the people that choose to call CrossFit Legacy home and compete under the banner of the lion.

At CrossFit Legacy we teach and instill INDEPENDENCE into each and every member.   We teach, coach, and inspire people to ask questions, learn, and discover what they are capable of mentally and physically.

One of the greatest aspects of this is that we let them do it under the watchful eye of nearly 20 combined years of CrossFit coaching experience in our Staff, and an environment that lets people discover what they want out of their CF experience.  

Weight Loss?


Look better naked?

Compete in CrossFit?

Whatever it is that our current and future member wants, our staff will pour into them so that they are adequately equipped to get the most out of their time within and without the walls of CrossFit Legacy.   

I am so Proud of those who competed this weekend.  Regardless of the outcome, you stepped out of the comfort zone of the Legacy walls and you did something with an unknown outcome to get a known result—better fitness, and better understanding of what you are capable of.  Keep that up!  Each day, each workout, each competition, warm-up, skill session, olympic lift, or strength cycle is a chance to learn about yourself, your fitness, and to breach the boundaries we have set or that have been set for us.  Keep being coachably independent

Thank you for you letting us be a part of that.