Are you more?

More of what?

What is there to you?

What do you show the world? Through social media…facebook, instagram, twitter, face to face interaction, in the gym, at work, with family and friends….who are you?

I was recently asked this, rather told this by a friend.

“Brian, there is way more to you than simply working out!”

That is a correct statement. There is a lot more to me, to you, to all of us than what we actually show people.

In our strive for acceptance we only show people “our best”….the best statement, selfie, the best lift, the PR, the greatest meal, or group of friends so that outsiders think we are the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Our narcissistic culture driven by pride and fueled by a constant electronic connection is measured in “likes” , “comments”, “views” and “shares” so much so that we often lose sight of reality…even our own.

That happens to me from time to time, but it takes close friends to reign us back into what really matters. So ask yourself.
What type of impact are you having on those around you?

How are you responding to the events in your daily life?

Is there any depth to the things and/or relationships in your life?

To paraphrase Batman, “it isn’t who we are that defines us, but rather what we do”

So, what are you doing? What about you is more?

A life worth living is one in which we are committed to larger picture of influence and affect on those around us, both immediate and in the world. For me, I have 3 boys that I pray will choose to see that same big picture based on the way I am raising them. In addition, the members of Legacy are an opportunity to pass on a passion of health and wellness, that will help them live a fuller life in which they get to spend more time, and better quality time with those who they love.
Let’s choose “More” But let’s not choose more activities, or more business. Often times, we use those things to mask pain, or the fear of actually going deeper, and we/this world doesn’t need more shallow people focused only on ourselves.

Be more friendly and truthful
Be more compassionate and graceful,
Be more real and grateful
Be more humble and kind
Be more engaging and more “in the moment”
Show more depth and sincerity
Foster more real connections
Be more in the moment, not electronically connected
Be more observant and understanding.

These few things will lead to a life of fullness, completeness, and foster in us a view that we aren’t the center of everything, but rather help us see that we have the ability to be the center of more influence and more lasting impact by helping more people get what they want… paraphrase, the late Zig Ziglar, “we can have everything in life that we want, if we help enough other people get what they want.”

Choose to be more. What that is for you is likely found in helping the person nearest you.