Donna Testa’s Story on why she chooses CrossFit and CrossFit Legacy:I’ve always wanted to share my story but never took the time. But reading yours, it has inspired me to share mine. I’ve always been some what athletic. High school track, gymnastic, softball for 25 Years, coaching, working out, etc. Four years ago I joined a fitness program through my agency, Summit County Children Services. I was already doing my own fitness program at home and sometimes in a gym. This program offered a personal trainer two times a week, a nutrition class once a week and unlimited access to the Wellness Center. It was a $400, 10 week program but you could pay $50, complete the program and get your money back. I completed the program but I felt the trainer was more concerned about the personal “gossip” lives of other members at the gym, than my success. After completing the program, I wanted to keep going but didn’t like doing it on my own. I didn’t like figuring out what I was supposed to do. Legs today, arms tomorrow, back the next day, what weights to use. Too many decisions for me. Right after I completed that program, my son, Brett Talcott, said come with me to Crossfit. I said “what the heck is Crossfit”? He said I can’t explain it, just come with me. It’s free on Saturday mornings. So I ventured out on a Saturday morning to Crossfit Legacy. As I walked in, I was never so intimidated in my life. I remember seeing Lauren Birmingham Carrie Miller Cooley,  Jessica Campitelli and others. All fit and cut as ever. And I said to myself, “what the hell did my son get me in to. I certainly do not belong here.” Much to my surprise, everyone there couldn’t have been any nicer, inviting, accepting and supportive. I heard some of their stories before joining Crossfit. I did the WOD, which I had no idea what that meant, for a really long time. I thought I was going to throw up and die afterwards. As I was sitting against the wall, trying to recover, a guy started doing burpees, box jumps and kettle bell swings. I looked at Brett and said, “holy shit, are we not done”? He kindly replied, “we are, he’s not. That guy’s a beast”. That guy was Dan Bailey. I recovered, came back for the the next three Saturday’s, and have been hooked ever since. I saw more results in four weeks, three days a week, at Legacy than I did in the 10 week program at the Wellness Center with a “personal trainer”. It was also very special to me to share this with my son. I tell anyone who listens, Crossfit is better than having a personal trainer. You come in, your warm up and the work out is on the board, you don’t have to think of what your workout is going to be, you have the expertise, critique and instruction of the owner and the encouragement of all the “Crossfit Family”. Yes, I have drank the Koolaid and love it. I have gone from having no idea what a snatch, clean and jerk, or thruster was to competing in the top 200 in the WORLD in my age group, “The Masters”, in the open this year. And my goal is to make it to The Games next year.