Here’s your mission should you choose to accept….

1.  Find a friend, neighbor, co-worker or complete stranger. Get them to do squats with you, video it and upload it to the Public Legacy Facebook page. Comment with the number of squats completed. The person with the highest combined number of squats recorded on video(s) (everyone in the video counts) will be crowned the winner and go home with a brand new Rogue Jump Rope of their choice.

2.  But that’s not all. We want to know which video you think is the best… So cast your vote and the video with the most likes as of 4:00pm 10/18 will win a Legacy T-shirt. So get everyone you know to like your video!

Lets break it down: (note: we changed where to upload them!)

  • Find someone, a stranger, or 100 strangers, friends, co-workers or family members…
  • Other Legacy athletes do not qualify
  • Video yourself and the others doing air squats together
  • Each video you submit must have the other and yourself completing a minimum of 1 squat together but your goal is to get as many squats with each person as you can
  • Upload your video each time you complete a new set of squats with a new person or group of people throughout the day or night
  • You must upload the video to the Public Facebook page and say how many squats were completed in each video
  • Again, You must upload the video from your account to the Public Legacy page and tell the number of squats performed in the video so that there is no confusion of who the squat points go to (lets be honest here)
  • Videos not on on Legacy Page and videos without a squat count will not qualify
  • Video’s must be submitted with Facebook time stamp between the 24 hour time period 4:00pm 10/16 to 4:00pm 10/17
  • Any video’s posted outside that time frame will not count toward the total number of squats
  • Each persons squat in the video’s count toward your total. Meaning if you, your butcher, your baker and candle stick maker shoot a video doing 5 squats each, your total count for that video would be 20 squats. (Wear a CrossFit Legacy Tshirt and get 5 extra bonus squats per video)
  • The total number of squats will be tallied and the person with the most squats wins
  • A second prize will be awarded to the person with the most video likes as well. So get everyone to like your videos!
  • Video polling will go until 4:00pm on 4/18 so make sure you get your votes in by that time.
  • Both winners of the Rogue Jump Rope and the Legacy T-shirt will be announced on 10/19 on the Legacy Main Facebook Page and blog.