Athlete of the Month

Athlete of the Month: Cheryl Stoner


Meet Cheryl (on the right)!

Nickname: My brothers have called me Pooh since I was a little girl. Our daughters and their friends called me Mama Stoner because I was the go-to mom when they were in high school for support, transportation and food!

Favorite Healthy Food: Roasted red, yellow and orange peppers, baked sweet potato and sirloin steak

Favorite Unhealthy food: chocolate covered pretzels

Favorite Workout Music: If a Tough WOD – Loud Bass, Long WOD – an energetic tune. No particular artist

Favorite Way to spend a Saturday Night: Fire in the fireplace, or backyard fire in the summer, movie and popcorn

What do you do to recover? Roll, ice, take a rest day, or call Thea!

Favorite Crossfit Moment: Learning how to do a hand stand again and also being able to run ½ mile without totally gasping for air!

Favorite Legacy moment: Terry Howard’s fund raiser. People came from everywhere to work out that day and contribute financially to show how proud we were of his hard work and accomplishments. He is so humble too and that made it truly special.

Favorite restaurant: Steve’s Dakota Grill

1 word that describes you: Kind

Meet anyone who and why: Maya Angelou. She wrote so many inspirational quotes and books to make people think without invading their personal space. Just a few of her quotes that stuck with me: “Nothing will work unless you do” and “You may not control all the things that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them”. My favorite “Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud”.

Best gift ever received: Freedom – thru faith/salvation and being an American – we are truly a blessed nation

Best advice you’ve ever received: Always be kinder than you feel.

Biggest Pet Peeve: Slow drivers and people who are texting and driving.

Weirdest fact no one knows about you: At age 14 I got a job at an orchard. I wasn’t old enough to drive, my parents wouldn’t take me, so I rode my horse to work every day. Some of my friends thought it was weird that I would go to such lengths to WORK all day. But I always had the cash to do whatever I wanted in high school!

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