Athlete of the Month

Mark McGinnis

  • Nickname-
    I really don’t have a nickname. But my grand kids do refer to me as Pop-Pop.  And there have been times that some folks have called me Marky Mark.
  • Favorite healthy food-
    My many concoctions that I create with my Nutribullet
  • Favorite unhealthy food-
    All food is my favorite. I try not to discriminate. Come on, that’s why I do CrossFit…to EAT.  But, if I had to pick a favorite I would probably go with pizza and anything chocolate (especially ice cream)
  • Favorite workout music-
    80’s Rock. But I can’t seem to get Brian Yoak on board with that choice.  I’ve been working on putting together my own playlist.
  • Favorite way to spend a Saturday night-
    Dinner with my wife
  • What I do to recover-
  • Favorite CrossFit movement-
    I’m not sure I have a favorite movement. At my age, every movement is a challenge. But if I had to choose, I would say the dead lift.
  • Favorite Legacy moment-
    The day that Marysa and I were going to the 11 am class and she bowed out at the last minute because she wanted to stay in bed and sleep instead. So I went by myself. It turned out that I was the only one who attended the class that day. So basically it was just Brian Yoak and myself at the gym. Shortly after completing the warm-ups, another person showed up to workout. It was DAN BAILEY!! I got a picture with Dan, and Marysa has never recovered from the trauma she experienced by not being there and see him.
  • Favorite restaurant-
    Because of my love for food, I do like to periodically make the journey to Cleveland and eat at Brasa. Who doesn’t like the opportunity to indulge in 16 different meats at one sitting!!!  (This is the part where Dana Pew says, “That’s what she said!!”)
  • Favorite quote-
    In the beginning, you make your choices.
    In the end, your choices make you.
  • One word to describe you-
    Analytical.  And yes, I spelled checked it and it’s spelled correctly.
  • Meet anyone – who and why
    A legitimate Medium who could connect me with my father so I could have the gift of visiting with him again one more time.
  • Best gift ever received-
    I have had many in my life. But one worth mentioning would be the time my wife threw me a surprise birthday party for my 50th birthday. I thought we were going to Prime for dinner, but instead I was greeted by a crowd of people in the banquet room yelling “SURPRISE”!!! The feeling of walking into one single room and seeing so many people at once who, at so many different stages of my life, have touched my life in one way or another was amazing. All of this experience mixed with the overwhelming love in the room was something I will never forget.
  • Best advice ever received-
    See “Favorite Quote”
  • Biggest pet peeve-
    People who are disrespectful
  • Weird fact-
    I have a birth mark on my back that my family insists looks just like Australia. They have all (jokingly) wanted me to get a tattoo of a black dot on the bottom right side of the birth mark with the word “Sydney” next to it. I’m so glad that my family are such comedians.
  • Something random-
    I am so very honored to be chosen as “Athlete of the Month”. But I know that I would have never started this journey if it weren’t for my daughter Marysa. She was the one who encouraged me to come to Legacy and workout with her.  Being able to share this whole experience with her is something that I will always cherish.Thanks, to Brian Yoak and the entire Legacy family for welcoming, accepting, and making me a part of the “Crossfit Legacy Family”. I hope that the good Lord let’s me stay healthy so that I can continue to be a part of the Legacy family for many years to come.



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