Athlete of the Month

Tonya Underwood

  • Nickname– My current nickname is Tots, or TaterTot. My sister comes up with some funny ones. This one is a nod to Napoleon Dynamite, one of our favorite movies. Oh, or T.Coug. Leslie and Lucas are responsible for that gem. Haha.
  • Favorite healthy food-Right now… French Toast style eggs. 2 whole eggs, 4 egg whites, 1tsp cinnamon, salt, stevia, vanilla all stirred up together and baked on the stovetop. I don’t scramble it, but let it sit and cook like a pancake… and then flip.
  • Favorite unhealthy food-I can’t stop thinking about Cinnabon lately. But I only want the inside gooey part of the cinnamon roll.
  • Favorite workout music-Right now I’m enjoying upbeat poppy music, think T Swift. I know, I can’t wait til this embarrassing phase is over. But it changes constantly! During the open I made a playlist for 18.2 and just played the Matrix. So just a month ago, it was techno. Two years ago when asked I answered angry music, like Eminem. It is just always different and changes with my moods.
  • Favorite way to spend a Saturday night-At church with the Nolin family. Or at home snuggled up with my kitties.
  • What I do to recover-My daily recovery is sleep, food and mobility! Yes, mobility EVERY day.
  • Favorite CrossFit movement-the fist bump.
  • Favorite Legacy moment-Before the open this year, I went through a very confusing time that lasted about 3 weeks. I felt as if I didn’t know a thing about what I wanted and because of this, one result was  that I had determined to not do the Open.  I had just bottomed out emotionally and could not see anything clearly. I still don’t know exactly why I bottomed out like I did. But the gentle, honest listening and advice of friends brought me through it and I am stronger for the hard times. It’s an amazing feeling when you let people walk beside you through even the weak, embarrassing and vulnerable times. And the strengthening lasts long after the trouble is over. That’s the kind of family we have at Legacy.
  • Favorite restaurant-Rockne’s in Fairlawn. It reminds me of my nephew.
  • Favorite quote-Again, constantly changing. But here is what I’ve been dwelling on lately:  “A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others.” Ayn Rand  – and another one by her: “If you don’t know, the thing to do is not to get scared, but to learn.” I love that one!
  • One word to describe you-Joyful.
  • Meet anyone – Jesus, because when I see Him I will finally be satisfied.
  • Best gift ever received-Shalom with God.
  • Best advice ever received- Read books. All of them!
  • Biggest pet peeve- Meanness.
  • Weird fact-My name might be Hether. My parents aren’t sure whether my twin and I might have unintentionally been switched at birth. But they suspect we were.
  • Something random-I don’t think anyone will ever forget that Carrie likes her hair pulled.


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