Athlete of the Month

Donovan Johnson


  • Nickname-
    Don Juan, Don Don, or D
  • Favorite healthy food-
  • Favorite unhealthy food-
    Chipotle, Pizza, Ice cream… the list goes on
  • Favorite workout music-
    Rock, Rap, Trap music
  • Favorite way to spend a Saturday night-
    At our camper sitting by a fire
  • What I do to recover-
    I’m slowly learning what this means…
  • Favorite CrossFit movement-
    Back squats
  • Favorite Legacy moment-
    The open. Being my first one. Seeing how far I could push myself and getting my first kipping pull ups!
  • Favorite restaurant-
    Pita Pit, Olive garden
  • Favorite quote-
    Behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes.
  • One word to describe you-
  • Meet anyone – who and why-
    Joe Gatto. From the show Impractical Jokers   Hes funny
  • Best gift ever received-
  • Best advice ever received-
    Put your head down and just keeping working
  • Biggest pet peeve-
    Rude people.
  • Weird fact-
    People have told me I resemble Jack Black far too many times.
  • Something random-
    I played the drums in a punk band in high school.


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