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Crossfit Legacy is a community based gym that is led and trained by Crossfit Certified Athletes.

We are qualified to teach and train Crossfit movements by Crossfit Head Quarters. Brian Yoak, the owner has extensive experience training both the fittest people on the planet and most de-conditioned folks looking to get back into shape . In addition, we are college educated in Athletic Training, Personal Training, Kettlebells, Speed/ Agility, and Sports Performance.

Crossfit Legacy was the first Affiliate in Summit County and one of the first in Ohio in 2007

Within each 1 hour workout session, you’ll get an extended warm-up with instruction, work

on a specific skill, and the legendary CrossFit Workout of the Day or WOD.
At Legacy we pride our self on our quality and experienced coaching to ensure safety, form, and maximum effort.

CrossFit Legacy workouts are something you must experience to understand.

Our members say things like ”I can’t believe I wasted all
that money at a regular gym.” and “I can’t ever imagine going back to a
regular gym”, or “I am doing things I never thought I would be able to

Our high school/collegiate athletes are more fit and stronger than their teammates. They have more power, endurance, agility and have fewer injuries than their competitors.

Crossfit Legacy will give you an all encompassing work out and improve flexibility, coordination and strength safely while building friendships, and changing your life. Try a class today!

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The best way to get a sense for CrossFit is to stop by and take one of our free Intro Classes. Each includes some careful instruction on basic movements and an explanation of how we approach fitness differently.

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